My Latest Art

It seems like every time I look out my windows and see the spruce trees and the winter sky I am inspired to make a new piece like the one below, called “Blue and Green Spruce”

Blue and Green Spruces Amy Malouf

I made the branch entirely out of steel, using my welder and 1/4 inch pencil rod, 1/8 inch rods and 18 gauge steel wire.Blue and Green and Spruces Amy MaloufBlue and Green Spruces Detail Amy MaloufBelow, “Yellow Spirals”, with “Blue and Green Spruce” and “Riverbank in Yellow and Orange” in the background.Yellow Spirals from the side Amy Malouf

Yellow Spirals Amy Malouf

Yellow Spirals Detail Amy Malouf 2012

Side View of orange and spruces Amy Malouf

Yellow and Orange Amy Malouf




One thought on “My Latest Art

  1. Amy!!!! I am I LOVE with the Yellow Spirals!! Sooooo talented! Someday I hope to own an Amy Malouf original:))). I also forwarded this link to my son that was in Namibia-he recognized the Cheetah reserve…. Small world!!

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