Wire Animal Sculptures

These are all made using hundreds of individually placed wires, and are slightly larger than life-size.

This Sculpture titled “The Oxidation of Jubatus” was made in 2000 while I was living at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, near the town of Otjiwarongo. To make this sculpture I used a large spool 18 Gauge wire that I found on top of the chicken coop, and some 1/2 inch re-bar that I found lying around. I made this piece in 22 days, the only tools I had were a Vise, a pair of pliers seen in the photo below, and a hacksaw.

The spool of wire was quite rusted, and for most of the month I was covered with rust, or oxidation, hence the title of this sculpture. The genus name of the Cheetah, Acinonyx, means “no-move-claw” in Greek, while the species name, jubatus, means “maned” in Latin, a reference to the mane found in cheetah cubs

I loved studying the anatomy of the cheetah, the wires are placed to represent the major muscle groups of these beautiful cats. I was excited to discover that when finished this sculpture was almost perfectly balanced, front to back and side to side.

“The Oxidation of Jubatus” is now located in the Center Courtyard Of CCF Namibia, in southern Africa.

This Heron Sculpture is about 4 feet tall. and now lives in my flower garden.

The Mountain Lion Sculpture is now in a private collection in Anchorage.

This Sculpture titled “Vitality Amidst Encroachment” is has some political environmental themes at play. In the western states California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Idaho where the mountain lions live, much of habitat has been fragmented. However their populations are stable and growing! A testament to the adaptability of these beautiful animals.

The Base of the sculpture is made up of topo-maps printed on steel plates, and pieced together.

This sculpture was auctioned at a Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance annual Art Auction and Fundraiser, and is currently in a Private Collection.

These sculptures are lightweight, and fun to make! I love to work on a commission basis! Send me an email, and let me know what you are looking for!


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